Vintage Decorating Ideas for Your Porch


(Photo Source: Cedar Hill Ranch, a cozy inn in Cedar Hill, Texas. Their design taste is inspiring.)

There are many ways in which you can give your porch or deck a cozy chic look. Most people want their outdoor living space to feel organic and collected, and not be filled with a perfectly matched outdoor furniture set and a few run-of-the-mill decorating accessories. Creating your own vintage, decorated outdoor space can easily be accomplished.

The collected look starts with a great deck or porch. If the space isn’t covered, a pergola will add interest and provide a little shade. As far as the amount of square footage goes, a stylish vintage theme can be executed whether the porch is small or large. If the space is large, instead of spreading everything out, create vignettes and designated areas that cluster furniture, art and decor together.

There are some key pieces that give any space the perfect vintage feel. Distressed or reclaimed furniture is one of the best choices for a vintage vibe, and whether it is a large dining table made from barnwood or a mint green hutch distressed to perfection, it will add a nice touch of rustic charm. In addition to reclaimed pieces, galvanized metal is another welcomed option for a vintage, eclectic space. Planters, watering cans, washtubs and buckets are great galvanized choices.

To soften the porch or deck, throws, quilts, rugs and pillows will work wonders. Not only do they add that softer touch, but they can also bring in pops of color, as well as texture. For more visual interest, you can add in vintage signs and unique lighting. For example, drop pendant lights created out of mason jars and hanging lanterns can really illuminate a space.

Whether you decide to use vintage patio furniture and rustic ladders covered in plants, or porch swings, rocking chairs and handmade quilts, remembering to make your deck or porch your own is most important. Don’t forget to personalize your outdoor living space with touches that mean something to you and bring back pleasant, nostalgic memories.