The Modern Deck: Five Emerging Trends

deck-largeDecks have been a popular home addition for several decades, but now they are transforming from simple to sophisticated. In the past, most homeowners opting for a deck were satisfied with a rectangular design of about 10 feet by 20 feet. Increasingly, homeowners are seeing the value of larger decks with modern conveniences built right in. Here are five emerging trends in deck design for 2015.

Bigger is Better

Modern life is more and more an indoors affair, where we spend most of our time inside spacious, temperature controlled houses and offices. Large home decks provide a safe, comfortable, and readily available outdoor space for enjoying the sunshine and stars – if they are big enough. Larger, multilevel decks give you the space to maximize this outdoor pleasure.

Lighting and Fire Pits

Outdoor lighting, along with other outdoor electronic equipment, like TVs and kitchen appliances, are undergoing a revolution in design. Instead of wiring in regular 120 volt lights on a deck, new solar powered deck lighting saves money while making your deck more usable after dark. New types of safe and easy to use fire pits also add comfort and warmth, making decks usable for more of the year.

Outdoor Kitchens

A barbecue grill is only the beginning when it comes to cooking outdoors. Full outdoor kitchens with all the appliances, counter space, and storage are on the rise in deck design, as well.

Water Makes it Work

Outdoor kitchens require outdoor sinks. Hot tubs make relaxing easy. Fountains add the beauty of natural sound, masking the sounds of neighbors and street noise.

Multipurpose Decks

By creating different levels, or adding trellises and screens, a deck can become an outdoor living space that rivals the interior of the home, and the rising trend in deck design is for an outdoor space as comfortable as the home itself.

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