Professional and Reliable

Steadfast Construction
June 14, 2017
Professional and Reliable
When I was getting bids, one contractor made his case that the person who is designing the deck will be the person who builds it.  If there are any issues, I’m dealing with the same person.  Having come from a large manufacturing organization, I know the problems that can happen when the design engineer tosses the plans over the wall to the manufacturing engineer—the gaps in plan to production can cause so many problems.  He made a good case, and that thought lingered with me.
When I chose Steadfast, I was initially impressed by Nick’s responsiveness and flexibility.  It was a positive process and I felt confident in the professionalism Nick showed in his communications and the detail in the contract.  He took his time with me to ensure we addressed any concerns.  (The virtual depiction was especially effective).
When the construction began, Ariel and his team extended the Steadfast image.  They were polite, professional, and patient in answering questions I had as we went along.  Additionally, they made sure to check in with me to ensure a decision point that might affect the look or usage of the deck and porch had my input.  They worked long hours, and in all ways were also professional and reliable.  My neighbor happens to be a home inspector, and a handyman of sorts himself—he commented on the extra detail and attention to good workmanship he noticed when he looked at the construction.  Mike, the electrician, was equally customer-focused.  He patiently determined what my needs and expectations were, and matched the workmanship and attention to detail that I’d already come to expect.
It was during the construction that the design-to-manufacture concern was addressed.  A couple of hiccups along the way, and Nick was still communicating with me, making the transition between design and installation seamless in dealing with any changes along the way.  In addition, he did a great job of coordinating with my roofer to align the timing of our roof work with the readiness of the porch.
I also appreciated having Kenny stop by periodically to check in on the production, it was reassuring to have the Steadfast system keeping attention on my project.  And Omar was always responsive and upbeat in dealing with my plans.
I think the most reliable feature of having worked with you all at Steadfast was the consistent integrity I encountered with everyone.  We, as business-people ourselves, value our own integrity above all else—there’s no winning if your partner in a project is losing—it’s all about how to accomplish an objective in a way that leaves all sides feeling positive.  I felt we were real partners in this project, and always felt confident that any issues we encountered would be addressed with integrity—and that’s exactly what occurred.  I can only attribute the continuity of that integrity to you, as owner.  Members of an organization reflect the tenor of the organizational culture—everyone showed so much positivity, they always seemed upbeat, a ‘no problem’ approach that made me feel confident that everything was possible.  Whatever you’re doing to cultivate that optimism, it’s working.