Great Experience with Steadfast

Steadfast Construction
September 24, 2014

Great Experience with Steadfast
Converted deck to screened porch. We had an overall great experience with Steadfast. We had a 2 level deck that we wanted the lower level converted into a screened in porch and an existing large window cut into a sliding glass door. Miguel came out and gave us an estimate. It wasn’t the cheapest nor was it the most expensive. It took longer than we would have liked (2 weeks) before we got the written estimate, but when we did, it was well done and included computer graphic of what the fined project would look like. We decided to go with Steadfast because of all the stellar reviews it had on Angie’s list and I liked Miguel’s manner. Plus, the business is established and had good ties to the community. The project was supposed to start in 5-6 weeks. It ended up being 10 before it actually began but in their defense, it was the end of April when Miguel made his initial visit and I can only imagine that is their busiest time of year. We had a couple of issues with calls not being returned during the 10 week time between the initial visit and the start of the project but once the project began, they were responsive and efficient.


Gary and James were the 2 men that worked on our project. They were professional, respectful and their work was done well. It took a total of 10 days from start to finish. Their carpentry was great. We needed the existing deck extended and several more beams added, plus some of the railing was damaged and needed replacement. We wanted separate frames for each screen, so that when one is damaged it could easily be replaced. All professionally done. Adding the sliding glass door was a bit of a project and required them to cut through our brick exterior to create a bigger hole They built a vacuum tent in the interior of our home to keep the brick dust from getting everywhere and the finished door was installed perfectly. Once they were finished it looked as if it had always been there. They installed Dry Snap. A prefab system that is installed under the existing top deck to create a ceiling and gutter system for the lower porch. The online reviews for the system were not great and my take on them was that if not installed correctly, the system will have lots of problems. I was worried. 2 days after the installation, we had a monster thunderstorm and there was a leak (a small leak for the amount and of rain we had and the power of the storm) The leak was where the system and the brick meet.


Gary and James came back out immediately and resealed it and we haven’t had a issue since. There was also a small issue that came up after the project was finished and paid for. The handle of the screened door wasn’t opening and locking correctly and Gary came out with in two days and fixed the it. The only reason I did not give them a perfect rating is because of the delay in the project time and the few calls not returned before the projects start. Which in the grand scheme of things ended up being no big deal but was annoying at the time. It has only been 2 months since the completion of the project, so I cannot speak about the long term quality of the work but as of now we are extremely happy with our new porch and Steadfast and I do not expect that to change; however I will update my review in a few years to let you know how everything has held up.