Home Construction Services

We offer construction services for your home remodeling project that will provide not only a beautifully constructed and inviting addition but one that is also affordable.

Here are some of our most popular home remodeling and construction projects: Decks, Porches, SunroomsAdditions and Patios.


Decks are large flat surfaces behind a house. They are usually made of wood, plastic, or wood-plastic composites, unlike patios which are stone-based. Decks may contain spaces for BBQing, dining and seating, and are often enclosed by railing. It may have access through a door to the house, as well as stairs to the ground-level. View gallery


A porch is usually in the front of the house. It can have wood or stone-based flooring, and often has a covering overhead and columns. Porches usually have common design elements that match the architectural design of the rest of the house. Some porches are screened to protect people from insects and wildlife. View gallery


A sunroom is a glass-enclosed porch or living room with a sunny exposure, though it usually has a conventional roof (unlike solariums). Also called a sun parlor, sun porch, or sun lounge, it usually adjoins the side of a house and is helpful for seeing the beautiful landscape outside. View gallery

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Front Porches

Getting a custom full front porch makeover is not only beautiful, it also protects your investment—adding gracious comfort and reducing energy use. We specialize in designing and building attractive front porches, front porticos and entrances you and your neighbors will admire for years to come. View gallery

Patio Enclosures | Steadfast Construction

Patio Enclosures

Add a patio enclosure to your home that you can enjoy year around. Make your patio into a beautiful living space or convert one of your existing spaces into an energy efficient room that you can enjoy for 2, 3 or 4 seasons. View gallery


A patio adjoins a home and is usually made of concrete, bricks, block paving, tile, concrete, or natural paving stones. It may be raised or flat on ground level. Patios are often used for dining and recreation, and they often have no roof. View gallery

Other Remodeling Projects | Steadfast Construction

Other Remodeling Projects

With over fifteen years of experience remodeling homes across Northern Virginia, we can succeed with whatever project you have for us. Add a skylight, a octagon-shaped gazebo, a white trellis, an outdoor grill pavilion, a single-car garage, or a tile bathroom. View gallery

Steadfast builds a variety of additions and other remodeling projects. Each of our projects are custom designed to customer specifications. Our goal is to help YOU bring your project to a beautiful reality. Contact us today to get started.