Prince William and Kate Getting a Sunroom

Sunroom DesignSunshine can do wonders, even if your royalty. Prince William and his wife recently applied for consent to hire some sunroom contractors to extend their kitchen. Not Steadfast – They must have been disappointed, but its slightly outside of our northern Virginia (USA) service area. Anyway, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been gradually renovating their 10-bedroom country second home given to them by the Queen.

The sunroom contractors can begin constructing the glass-roofed extension on the kitchen once their design and application approved by the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council. They plan to put a 10×10 foot dining table once the project is finished. This will be perfect for dinner guests, or quiet alone time with their little son George. They plan on moving into the home in a few months. princewilliam

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Reference and photos: Daily Mail