We excel at hardscaping with patio pavers to turn patios into the natural extension of a home. Whether its simple garden paths or an elaborately artistic hardscape pattern, Steadfast’s custom stone patio builder team can make the threshhold of your home an interactive and enticing space.




Some homeowners opt for simplicity in patio design, while others want their patios to offer some living room comforts like outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, fire pits, wicker furniture and low voltage accent lights. Some want the standard barbeque grill and picnic table. Some want to relax to the trickling over smooth stones or down a bamboo spout. Our custom stone patio builder helps you think through what components that would add to your privacy, shade, or entertainment.

Because a patio is level with the ground-level grade, patios can integrate nicely with the landscaping. Steadfast can also work with landscapers to enhance your homes curb appeal. Like the frame of a picture, integrating well-thought out landscaping combined with patio and sidewalk design can greatly enhance your visitors’ first impression. We can make your home a lively and colorful haven with a spring garden or fall foliage.

Custom stone patio builder We can help match an ideal hardscaping material to your homes exterior. You may choose whether you want a flagstone patio, patio stones, stamped concrete, or other hardscapes. Steadfast’s custom stone patio builder can form a small stone retaining wall along a wrap-around walkway leading to your patio. Maybe you want other amenities such as outdoor cooking areas, natural sitting areas, or wider sidewalks. Steadfast can do all this. We pay attention to detail. A good patio includes good drainage away from the house and foundation, proportional lines, and attentiveness to detail. Everything must be level, or it will be easily noticable. Your home need not end at your back door. Compared to indoor living, patios require low maintenance while giving you valuable extra living space. Contact us today so our custom stone patio builder team can begin!

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