Leaf Removal or Leaf Shredding?

When looking at your yard’s beautiful autumn view, do you prefer your leaves removed for neatness or shredded for natural lawn health?

View of autumn leaves from a herringbone-style deck with rail built by Steadfast Construction in Great Falls, VA

Northern Virginia’s cities and counties have an assortment of leaf removal services.
There’s help for variety of locations in northern Virginia, whether you’re in  Fairfax CityFairfax County, Loudoun County, Falls ChurchManassas, Manassas ParkAlexandria, Fredericksburg, or Berryville.

For example, here’s the process for Arlington, VA.

On the other hand, you might have heard that shredded leaves, whether from your lawn mower or another form of shredder can actually be good for your lawn soil’s health , for mulching material, or simply for compost additive.

Arlington’s own Joseph “Green Man” Keyser says, “lawns and gardens can be maintained organically, for the most part, and without toxic inputs, just by recycling the natural materials already in place. When you bag up your clippings and leaves, you are short-circuiting the natural recycling process.” With leaves piles shredded a 1/10 of the size, they blend with the lawn to some degree.

Some places like Prince William County actually say, “Composting materials saves precious space at the landfill. Compost operations divert approximately 14 percent of the waste that would normally be sent to the landfill for disposal. Yard waste is composted into a useful soil amendment. This soil amendment helps enrich soil by adding nutrients and enhancing clay soils by creating spaces where air can flow through the clay.”

Other people will hire any number of local lawncare firms.

What has been helpful for you handling your lawn care?