How To Choose A Hot Tub For Your Deck

deck-hottubWhile everybody knows hot tubs are giant, bubbly boxes of fun, they can also be used for therapeutic purposes. Before you decide to invest in a spa for your outdoor deck, you probably already know that there is more involved in this decision than just where to place the tub once you get it home. There are a host of factors to consider before making that big purchase. After all, you’ll want to enjoy your hot tub for years to come, so be sure to choose one that is tailored to your specific needs.


Like all major purchases, you will be faced with a multitude of available upgrades. Extras add up quickly, so know your budget before setting your sights on anything unnecessary.


First, you’ll need to know your decks measurements to ensure proper fitting. Secondly, how will it be used? Are you purchasing the tub primarily for you and your partner to enjoy, or is entertaining part of your plan? Choose size according to your needs, while also considering the initial cost plus maintenance fees associated with your spa.


Many above-ground tubs are self-contained, and include all the necessary pumps and connections for start-up. Most in-grounds and some below-ground units do not come with these built-in features, and can be customized according to preference. Consult with a trusted dealer to find a unit and accessory options that will best fit your deck.


Purchase a pump appropriate for your tub size, and research other energy-efficient parts before purchasing and installing the tub. Investing the time and money into greener parts can help you save big time later.

Consider these tips before choosing your hot tub. It never hurts to compare prices at several dealers before making a commitment. A reputable dealer will be able to further assist you with all the decisions and upgrades available with your hot tub purchase.

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