Solutions to Framing around Cantilever Floors

bay-window-cantileverHouses with sections of cantilevered floors aren’t that uncommon and they can pose special challenges to deck builders when it comes to attaching decks.

A cantilevered floor refers to a floor that has floor joists that spread out past the wall or foundation and suspend out into the air such as a bay window.

Most cantilevers in homes aren’t designed to carry the extra load of a deck ledger, so attaching the ledger directly to the rim joist is not a good idea. Additional reinforcement will be needed in order to accommodate any new decking. The solution to placing posts and beams at the rear of the deck or porch as required by Northern Virginia Counties is often undesirable to many homeowners.

Use Glulam Beams For Cantilever Floors

Steadfast is always looking for solutions to issues such as these and one option is limiting the number of posts by upgrading the main support beam to Glulam beams. These beams are often chosen for their natural wood beauty in exposed designs, such as rafters in vaulted ceilings. They are also ideal for hidden structural applications, such as floor beams and headers. Positioned correctly, these new supportive structures would give the extra stability needed to secure the deck ledger.

Another approach would be to lower the deck or porch to accommodate affixing the ledger to the wall studs, the top plates of the wall or to the foundation below the floor. This approach may also require building a landing at the entry of the house and possibly steps leading to the deck or porch depending on the home.

At Steadfast, we are committed to finding just the right solution regardless of issues that may arise from cantilevered floors. Homeowners can be assured that safety is always a top priority when securing their new deck. We have the expertise to get the job done right.