Flagstone Walkway and Patio Design Reston VA

Your home doesn’t need to end at your doorstep. Surround your home with the a type of walkway that prepares the homeowner for a richer experience before walking in your home. Nothing says regal or rustic like a flagstone walkway or patio. In this lovely patio design Reston VA homeowners wanted a Pennsylvania Flagstone with a random yet rectangular pattern. The design is edged with brick perimeter that matches the house brick.

Reston VA using Pennsylvania Flagstone Walkway

A flagstone walkway can boost the overall look of both your lawn and your house, and serves multiple purposes.

  • Aesthetic – It can transition into the house or garden, allowing you the flexibility of several natural stone colors that can compliment the design of the home. It can also blend into other surfaces like driveway, gravel paths, stone stairways, wooden mulch, or large shrubbery.
  • Ecological – It can allow foot traffic to avoid the grass on the lawn or scattered small flowers along the path, letting the greenery thrive.
  • Cleanliness – It allows visitors to walk without getting mud on their shoes or in the home, especially during times of precipitation.
  • Safety – It also makes people feel more comfortable that their are no surprises of harmful (eg. snakes or poison ivy)

You may choose an easy-to-maintain path, with solid flagstone carefully pieced together in jigsaw fashion and filled in with concrete in the narrow gaps. Some like stone cut in perfectly geometrical shapes.  Some even want the flagstone walkway set off with a smooth border, (such as brick in the picture above of patio design Reston VA house) to bring a balance to the color of the edging with the color of the house.

Or you may prefer a more natural look. This option requires occasional maintenance. This includes having the non-geometrical stones spread out slightly, filled in with trimmed grass, recessed soil, or matching gravel.   Others prefer a more jagged, natural look, with each stone of various shapes coming out along the edge. As far as maintenance is concern, in some cases overgrowth can fill in around this without it looking unkept.

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