4 Deck Plants that Repel Bugs

deck plantsWhen you start enjoying your new deck, you might find that the bugs start enjoying you! Fewer and fewer people want to use toxic chemicals that repel bugs like this. When it comes to decks, there are deck plants that naturally repel bugs that can rescue the situation and add beauty to your out-door living space. Here are some good choices for bug repelling plants that are easy to grow potted or planted around your deck.


Rosemary is a perennial, drought tolerant shrub most people know as an herb used in the kitchen. When grown around a deck it makes the entire area less attractive to bugs, and it can also be rubbed on the skin for extra protection. Rosemary can also be used for making many natural skin and hair care products.


Mint is another easy to grow plant that makes a tasty tea, can be used on the skin as a repellent, and is generally unappealing to bugs flying by. Mint does like a lot of water, and it can grow out of control if not planted in containers or carefully maintained.


Lemongrass is an easy to grow grass that contains a chemical similar to citronella, which is also sold as a stand-alone product for mosquito control. Besides repelling bugs, lemon grass plants can also make a natural fence, and it is delicious as a tea and in many Asian recipes.


Catnip is not only for cats. This plant has powerful properties that are as effective as some pesticides in repelling bugs. Catnip also has medicinal values, and some cats really do like it. Like mint, it can be invasive and does best in a container.

Making your deck comfortable, beautiful, and unappealing to bugs is easy to do by choosing the right plants for your deck-scape. These are only a few of the possibilities in bug repellent plants that are available to homeowners.