Celebrity Decks, Patios and Porches

The benefits of adding a porch, deck or patio are many. People are naturally drawn to the outdoors. Whether to clear our minds, party with friends or play with the kids, we just feel better when we step out into our own little slice of nature.

Everyone benefits with an outdoor living area, and celebrities are no exception.


Taylor Swift’s Patio:

Taylor Swift’s patio surrounds her unique B-shaped pool outside her Rhode Island home. This patio gives the pool added eye appeal, and it is an inviting area to enjoy the view of the Eastern Seaboard.




Oprah’s Wraparound Porch:

The ocean view from Oprah’s homestead porch in Hawaii is nothing short of incredible. The porch wraps around the entire home. Just one of the doorways leading to the porch is from her bedroom. What a spot to experience the tropical breeze and stare out into never ending blue.




Michael Jordan’s Patio:

Cornelius, North Carolina is home to Michael Jordan’s lakefront mansion. The patio which looks over Lake Norman is as large as one would expect of this NBA legend. Strategic lighting and beautiful architecture is seen on this patio. In the center is an appealing water fall. A long guest list is needed to fill this patio area.



Bruce Willis’ Pool Side Deck:

Outside of Bruce Willis’ Beverly Hills mansion is a pool surrounded on all sides by a smooth looking deck. The wooden lounge chairs with blue cushions are the perfect accents for this gracious looking wood deck. Indeed, this is a picturesque outdoor area.


Large or small, quaint or extravagant, a deck, patio or porch not only increases your home’s curb appeal, it is your own private oasis. It is where one feels connected to nature while not having to leaving home. Steadfast has a wonderful gallery of beautifully designed decks, patios and porches to help you create your perfect oasis. Call or Email us today for a free estimate!