Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Steadfast Construction Receives 2014 Best of Fairfax Award Fairfax Award Program Honors the Achievement FAIRFAX July 22, 2014 — Steadfast Construction has been selected for the 2014 Best of Fairfax Award in the Patio & Deck Construction & Repair category by the Fairfax Award Program.
First becoming popular almost 2 centuries ago northern Virginia front porches gradually became almost necessity for medium and large houses to not seem bare. This was before air conditioning, when cooling off outdoors was a frequent necessity. It assisted people to make the daily transitions between their outdoor public world
Why is now the best time to get a great backyard deck? For many, it’s freedom from stress. With so many technological diversions in life, its hard to relax. And going on a needed vacation can be more of a drainer than refreshing, and even having the time and money for
Among the owners of sunrooms Mclean VA  and in all northern Virginia, this homeowner wanted a wooden multi-level deck to surround their sunroom. They already have their barbecue grill, table and chairs ready for the pleasant warmer weather. We included some features for this deck to make it stand out. The
When it comes to sunrooms Arlington homeowners love to make the most of their space. Nothing else lets the light in like glass sunrooms or sunporches. Invite the beauty of outdoors into the comfort of your home. Whether for indulge in conversation or a game of chess with loved ones
Your home doesn’t need to end at your doorstep. Surround your home with the a type of walkway that prepares the homeowner for a richer experience before walking in your home. Nothing says regal or rustic like a flagstone walkway or patio. In this lovely patio design Reston VA homeowners
When looking at your yard’s beautiful autumn view, do you prefer your leaves removed for neatness or shredded for natural lawn health? View of autumn leaves from a herringbone-style deck with rail built by Steadfast Construction in Great Falls, VA Northern Virginia’s cities and counties have an assortment of leaf
This little pumpkin proudly sits on the family’s new porch from Steadfast. It’s the first of many year-round decorations. Get ready for decorations start to show up for the fall and holiday season. For example, this new Steadfast-built porch has its first pumpkin. Both pumpkins and porches have been an
Sunshine can do wonders, even if your royalty. Prince William and his wife recently applied for consent to hire some sunroom contractors to extend their kitchen. Not Steadfast – They must have been disappointed, but its slightly outside of our northern Virginia (USA) service area. Anyway, the Duke and Duchess
A candle’s light looks wonderful in the evening as it shines on the sunrooms, or through the night air around decks, porches, or patios. With the right precautions, home owners can stay safe and sound. Remember using these candle safety tips.  Start by trimming the candlewick to 1/4 inch.  For