Porch Decorating Ideas for Winter

Posted on January 9, 2015

porch decorating ideas
(Photo Source: DeborahSilver.com. Deborah Silver is a gifted landscape and garden designer.)
Don’t let your front porch become bleak and uninviting during winter months. There are many decorating ideas for porches that will make guests

Deck Safety During Winter Months

Posted on December 30, 2014

Winter months can wreak havoc on a deck and can make deck safety a challenge. Many people neglect their decks during this time, often because they really do not want to go out in the cold and battle the elements. Unfortunately, not taking care of your deck during winter

For 20 years, we’ve had the privilege of living and building in Virginia. We’re thankful! Are you? If so, please leave a comment to share why. Here’s the video that inspired this question. We live within driving distance of so many wonderful sights and

bay-window-cantileverHouses with sections of cantilevered floors aren’t that uncommon and they can pose special challenges to deck builders when it comes to attaching decks.

A cantilevered floor refers to a floor that has floor joists that spread out past

In the quest for the perfect outside oasis when building a new deck, many homeowners seek natural looking materials. There are several options for decking on the market today including composite and traditional wood decking that have that natural look appeal but how do they stack up against one another?

Can Decks Have Attachment Issues?

Posted on September 19, 2014

The mood of your deck party can be severely altered with a harsh gravitational experience, all because of deck attachment issues. What good are fasteners that don’t resist local weather conditions? Or nails too small or untreated to prevent rust and corrosion? Or materials that bend more than expected? This

2014 Best of Fairfax Award

Posted on August 22, 2014

2014 Best of Fairfax Award Plaque Press Release
Steadfast Construction Receives 2014 Best of Fairfax Award Fairfax Award Program Honors the Achievement

FAIRFAX July 22, 2014 — Steadfast Construction has been selected for the 2014 Best

First becoming popular almost 2 centuries ago northern Virginia front porches gradually became almost necessity for medium and large houses to not seem bare. This was before air conditioning, when cooling off outdoors was a frequent necessity. It assisted people to make the daily transitions between their outdoor public world

Why is now the best time to get a great backyard deck? For many, it’s freedom from stress. With so many technological diversions in life, its hard to relax. And going on a needed vacation can be more of a drainer than refreshing, and even having the time and money for

Among the owners of sunrooms Mclean VA  and in all northern Virginia, this homeowner wanted a wooden multi-level deck to surround their sunroom. They already have their barbecue grill, table and chairs ready for the pleasant warmer weather. We included some features for this deck to make it stand out. [gallery