Why Add a Sunroom to Your Home

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 12.29.20 AMDo you ever wish you had a place in your home where you could sit and enjoy lots of sunlight, have a clear view of your lovely backyard, and enjoy extra warmth on a cold winter day? A sunroom is just what you need. Sunrooms are structures that are attached to a house on a foundation of wood or concrete. They are constructed in a way that avoids the cost of typical construction. These structures give a family extra room at an affordable price. There are a number of reasons why people choose to add a sunroom.

Extra Space:

sunroom-familyA sunroom offers a wonderful space away from the clutter of household activity. It’s an ideal place for quality time with one’s family like playing board games, reading together and watching TV. It can be an extra place for quiet time, like writing, meditating and so on. A sunroom is also a great place to entertain your guests to make them feel welcome in your new warm and inviting space.

Picture yourself in a warm cozy sunroom with natural light flowing in from the many window surfaces. Enjoy the wonderful view of your beautiful yard no matter what the season. It’s lots of fun to watch the birds and squirrels darting here and there. You’ll have a great all-around view of your children or grandkids playing outdoors. Or you can just sit, relax and do nothing.

Practical Considerations:

Besides the improvement in lifestyle, a sunroom increases the square footage of your home. This, in turn, increases its value when it’s time to sell. In addition, adding this window loving room improves the over-all look of your home, adding the “wow” factor.

Energy Efficient:

With all the glass surfaces that are part of the design of sunrooms, the room stays warm with beautiful streaming rays of light. In addition to this being an energy saver, the light improves mood and helps relaxation.

You will surely get a lot of use from a sunroom. Why wait? You may have regrets if you do, wishing you had built it sooner.

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