Why Now is the Perfect Time to Add a Deck


When considering adding a deck to your home, there are a whole array of reasons why making a deck a part of your home is a good thing to do.

Move the Cooking Outdoors

If you love cooking, a deck can become a second kitchen. Add a firepit for warmth and for an old-fashioned meal of roasted hot dogs and smores. Decks with a bar affixed to them can be filled with everything you need for drinks to serve your guests – no more shuffling back and forth to the kitchen. Proximity to the kitchen makes preparing and serving food so simple. Grilling out makes food cleanup a breeze and is just plain delicious! With warmer weather approaching, can you imagine holding your favorite beverage relaxing in the fresh air on your new deck or grilling that perfect steak?

Add a Deck and Enjoy Nature

In addition to increasing the livable area of your home, adding a deck can provide a beautiful view surrounded by the sounds of nature. We regularly see deer frolicking through our back yard in addition to a wild turkey here or there. Soon squirrels will be darting back and forth and up and down trees. One of our favorite things to do is watch the variety of colorful birds gathering around our bird feeder.

Inviting Atmosphere for Family and Friends

Having a deck makes it possible to create an inviting atmosphere for family or friends. You can set up a tropical scene with draped fabrics, statues and exotic plants. Add some art work, brightly colored furniture and cushions. Lighting such as lanterns adds to the atmosphere in the evening. You can turn your deck into a luxurious spa. Install a hot tub, a sound system, add planters, a free-standing hammock and comfortable furniture. The things you can do to enhance your deck experience are endless!

Spring is just 26 days away, now is the perfect time to add a deck to your home. Email us today or call us for your free consultation (703) 385-2525.