5 Ways to Make an Old Grill Look New

grillWhen most people think of decks, they think of grilling and lounging around with family and friends on it. When an old tired grill has lost it’s appeal, it may not necessary to run out and purchase a new one right away. There may be other options and that old grill may have more life left in it. Here are a few tips to spruce it up and make it look like new again.

How to Make an Old Grill Look New

  1. Clean it up: A shop vacuum can get out all the loose debris inside your grill. Use a wire brush to clean off the tough stuff, then put on some rubber gloves and wipe down the whole surface, inside and out with soap and water.
  2. Several parts in gas grills are standard and can be easily and inexpensively replaced at a hardware store. This includes the gas jets in the grill and the burners themselves. If the burners are not lighting properly or burning evenly, this is most likely where the problem is.
  3. Some grills have an electrical lighting system called a piezoelectric ignition switch. If you are resorting to matches or a striker to get your grill going, this part is likely the source of trouble. New ones are easy to find and install.
  4. There is nothing like a coat of paint for making an old grill look good again. Be sure you clean the surface completely first. Spray paint works best.
  5. If your grill has ceramic briquettes, these can be cleaned by soaking in vinegar. Wash them completely in water afterwards, and if they are damaged, get new ones.

Cleaning and fixing up an old grill is usually a lot less expensive than replacing it. Of course, grills do eventually wear out in which case none of the above will work. Still it’s so worth it to own one as there is nothing like a grill to make your deck more enjoyable.