The 5 Best Home Improvement Projects for Your Money

Deck Clifton VirginiaYou may be surprised to know that remodeling and renovation projects to your home will not bring you the same percentage of return at the time of resale. An annual report that was recently published in a popular remodeling magazine, which describes the various home remodeling projects and gives the amount of money you are likely to recoup when you sell your house. Surprisingly, the cost of a new deck will give back more than adding a sunroom. Following is a list of the five best home projects that bring the best return on your home investments.

Steel Doors

For a number of reasons, replacing your entry door with a steel door will pay back about 129 percent of your investment. That’s a considerable return. Steel doors cost much less than fiberglass doors. Don’t be concerned about the looks of a steel door – they are still attractive and add curb appeal to your home entrance. They are energy efficient, as well.

Attic Bedroom

There is often a need for an extra bedroom for families these days. Adding an attic bedroom returns about 83 percent of the cost at resale time. Many families have elderly parents or children moving back home and this bedroom space is an asset.

Vinyl Siding Replacement

When you replace your siding with a vinyl replacement, your house will give the appearance of “brand new.” It will really enhance your curb appeal, is long lasting and easy to maintain. Return on your investment is about 80 percent.

Wood Window Replacement

If your wooden windows are getting chipped and cracked and look bad, replacement is wise – your whole house will look a lot better. In addition, your home’s energy efficiency will improve. You can recoup about 77 percent of the cost of window replacement at resale.

Wood Deck

You, like so many families these days, are choosing to spend more of your leisure time outdoors at home. By adding a wooden deck, you can entertain friends and family with barbecues and other outdoor activities. So it’s no wonder that building a deck is so popular. More great news is that a whopping 81 percent can be recouped from this investment at resale.

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