3 Landscaping Ideas to Add Curb Appeal


The landscaping leading up to, and around, your front door can add beauty and value to your home. There are a number of ways to add eye popping beauty and style to your home at affordable prices. Try one of these three ideas to give your home finished, manicured look.

Symmetrical Designs

If you have a path leading to your front door then doing something as simple as lining each side of the path with a narrow flower bed or row of boxwood shrubs can lead the eye right up to the front door. Symmetry can be further obtained by adding a medium or large container-grown plant on each side of the door. Try boxwood shrubs, hostas, or your favorite perennial to ensure the beauty of your pathway year after year.

Landscaping and Wheel Chair Ramps

If you have a wheel chair ramp stalled, you know how hard they can be to beautify. Instead of seeing the flaw however, see the potential for there for landscaping. Planting along the side of the ramp draws the eye to the beauty and detracts from the hardscape structure. Something as simple as geraniums, alstroemeria, or aster can add eye catching colors to your door way. These perennials are easy to grow and low maintenance as well.


If you have a slope leading up to your front door then you know it’s important to create a safe way for visitors to reach your home. Consider this another landscaping opportunity. There are a variety of options when it comes to landscaping steps. Giving both functionality and practicality, landscaping steps come in an array of designs and are completely safe. To add symmetry and unity, consider pillars topped with ornamentation as well as matching the railing of the steps to that of the front porch.